Wedding Portrait


What to expect at your appointment!

Women in Underwear

What should I wear?

Nude or white underwear is best.

Most wedding gowns now are fully supportive and designed to be worn without a bra.  


No thongs, please!  Your bottom may be in my face at some point!

You won't need your shoes as we have a fittings podium to give the correct height.

Model with smokey eyes

What about fake tan/make up/hair dos?

Please leave the fake tan, full make up and heavily scented body lotions and perfumes for another day!  Trying on dresses is hard work, and we want our gowns to stay fresh for other Brides, too!

Wedding Dress Shopping

How many people can I bring?
Can I bring children?

We'd say no more than 3 other people - too many opinions just cause confusion!  Plus, we're a small boutique!

Similarly, your appointment is all about you, so please leave the children with a sitter and enjoy an hour or two where you're the centre of attention for a change! 

Bride and Groom

Are you a mobility-friendly boutique?

Yes, we are!  Ali's nephew is a wheelchair user, and we have several other mobilty-impaired loved ones, so we know how VERY important it is to make sure that EVERYONE can enjoy the Blue & Sixpence Experience!

We chose our location specifically as it was fully accessible with plenty of disabled parking places, suitable toilets and completely level access to both the building and the boutique.

Blue & Sixpence is designed for ease of movement around the boutique and changing room.

Credit Card Purchase

How do I pay for my gown?  Can I pay in installments?

All of our gowns are ready to take home with you on the day of your appointment.

We accept:

Debit card

Credit card


BACS transfer

Google Pay

Apple Pay


For total purchases over £800, you can pay in installments.  Please ask for details.


When should I book?  What about alterations?

12 months before your wedding is plenty of time to buy an off-the-peg gown and have it tailored!

Buying an off-the-peg gown is far less stressful than buying made to order, so you have more time to save up, you don't have the anxiety of whether it will arrive in time, whether you still love it etc.

Our wonderful seamstress has over 20 years' experience in bridal wear, and very  competitive rates.  She's absolutely fabulous!  In fact, she's working on Ali's own wedding dress for next September.  Recommendations don't come higher than that!