Meet Blue & Sixpence -

It was during my own wedding journey that I first discovered just how expensive wedding gowns were. 


I also discovered that as a bigger girl, there were very few places where I could actually try on gowns in my size.  Most boutiques held a woefully inadeqate range of sizes,  Was I going to part with nearly £2000 for a gown I couldn't even try on?  No way!


Then I thought about the resources it takes to make a quality wedding gown.  The water, fabric, power and global shipping, all for a gown which would only be worn for 12 hours or so.


That's when the idea for Blue & Sixpence struck!


Yes, you can buy a pre-loved gown online, but you can't try it on before you buy it, and you can't return it.  They are always pre-worn, with damage, defects and dirt,so they won't be fresh gowns, and someone else will have already had their Big Day in them. 




I wanted everything (and why not?!); an affordable, sustainable, fresh gown, in my size.  

I also wanted the high-end boutique experience that Brides with more money than me enjoyed. 


You shouldn't have to settle for a gown, or compromise on your principles, either.

I believe that making an environmental choice to buy a sample or pre-loved gown should be celebrated rather than being ignored.

With over 30 years' experience in weddings, events,  retail and customer service, and personal experience as a plus-size Bride,

I will ensure that your experience at Blue & Sixpence is fun, friendly and personal. 

I will listen to your dreams and desires and help you turn them into a stunning reality.

They truly are "gowns that don't cost the earth"!

Did you know....?

I'm also a fully trained and qualified Independent Civil Celebrant? 

If you're interested in having a Wedding which is unique as you are, please ask me for details!

Or click here to go to my Celebrant website.

Wedding Dress Shopping

The Boutique

Blue & Sixpence is an enchanting experience for Brides of all shapes, sizes and budgets.  It's a warm, inviting, safe space where Brides and their Entourages can explore all their ideas to make their visions come to life.

We have over 160 wedding gowns in sizes 4-32 in our current collection.


We stock North West's largest collection of Bridesmaids, formal and Prom gowns in over 250 unique styles, shapes, shades and silhouettes.  Your discovery-led shopping experience starts here!

We believe in making all our visitors feel comfortable;  change your 'Choo's for our comfy slippers (please feel free to take them home with you!) and relax over a cuppa whilst we get some ideas about your vision. 


Our beautiful boutique is fully Air Conditioned for your comfort.  We are the only local independent boutique to offer this, believe us, you'll appreciate it!

During appointments our door is locked, so you can browse the rails in total privacy and comfort in  the dressing gowns we provide.

Get ready to be a Bride-chilla!


Typically, our Brides save 50% (and often more)​ when compared to buying and waiting for a gown from other stores.


Our Bridemaids and formal gowns are up to 75% off.

Our stock is carefully and ethically sourced from across the UK and Europe for it's environmental credentials, quality, style and affordability - you won't find any of our gowns elsewhere in the North West!

We also offer a carefully curated collection of accessories and adornments for all occasions. 


shoes and earrings.jpg

Blue & Sixpence is a game-changing combination of affordability and sustainability.

Combined with outstanding customer service,

we offer a fabulous bridal celebration experience with attention to every detail.