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On the Big Day...



Weddings can be as stressful as they are glorious, that is where we can help!  Making an On the Day appointment is an investment in your wedding day, your appearance and your confidence.

Our On the Day service means much less to worry about.  It's  for the whole bridal party, not just the Bride.  We will ensure that you all look fantastic, with no creases, fiddly zips or confusing corsets to worry over.

We bring our years of expertise, making sure that tricky corset is properly and securely laced, with nothing where it shouldn't be, front and back!


A steamer will get rid of any nasty last minute creases. 

We also offer an in-boutique full steaming service for steaming entire  gowns, sets of Bridesmaids gowns etc. 

Our on the day steaming is for small areas only!

Our own magic formula is no match for any stubborn stain, particularly make up!  We can also fix any minor damages (accidents do happen!)  Our trusty kit (we call him "Justin Case"!) includes everything we'll need to ensure you look truly fabulous on your special day.

Arriving approximately 1.5 hours before the start of your wedding ceremony, we will stay to see you off safely down the aisle.

We are always happy to help all Brides.  Our fee covers the Bride and up to 6 members of the Bridal party at the same location, all supplies, equipment and travel within Merseyside.


Additional people are charged at £10 each.


Travel outside of Merseyside is charged at 30p per mile, return journey.

Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress
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